Who wears the dog collar?

Today’s column by Damien Thompson in the Telegraph  (http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/damianthompson/100128028/opus-dei-and-the-patron-saint-of-electronic-eavesdroppers/)  reports  as follows:
More trouble in the Anglican Communion, I’m sorry to relate. Traditionalists in Canada have taken offence because a woman priest, the Rev Marguerite Rea of St Peter’s, Toronto, gave communion to a dog – specifically, a German Shepherd cross called Trapper. Ms Rea explained that this was “a simple act of reaching out” to a new congregation member and his pet. Alas, the Synod has yet to approve extending the sacrament to dogs – and I predict a fuss when the proposal does come up, not least from cat owners who will feel excluded. Also, as my Catholic priest friend Fr Tim Finigan points out on his blog, (http://the-hermeneutic-of-continuity.blogspot.com/ ) “an incidental problem for trendies wanting to give the wafer to dogs is that they are not likely to follow the more modern practice of receiving in the hand”.

An Appreciation of Dogs

“Come to lunch” they said. “Oh and bring the dog, the garden is secure. “Hmm, I doubt it very much.
It is lovely to be invited out and there is nothing Tia likes more than lunch in the garden and a new challenge of fences and shrubs to be breached!
Fear not, we now attach a length of string to Tia’s collar with a large empty milk carton in tow.
With luck we can finish lunch before working out how to reel her back in!

An Ode to Tia

You are so cute
You are so sweet
You are so dainty and petite
How could one so proud and haughty
Stoop to be so very naughty!
Sweetness flows from every pore
How can I help but to adore.