Church – Sunday May 8th 2011

I had previously arranged to speak after Mass to tout for lift sharing volunteers.

St Joseph's, Hadleigh

I intended to finish my appeal with the following:

Finally Ladies & Gentlemen, I had the honour on Thursday of being re-elected a District Councillor for Hadleigh North.

Just as we did four years ago I’m pleased to invite you to share cake and sparkling wine in celebration in the Church Hall after Mass.

Thank you and please see me later about sharing transport.

But as I finished the first sentence spontaneous applause broke out – which was absolutely staggering.

I press ganged two of the altar servers to cut and hand out the cake whilst I busied myself with the bottle  department.

One thought on “Church – Sunday May 8th 2011

  1. A very well deserved win Mr Riley! You have looked after your Ward over the past four years and they have now looked after you, which is as it should be.

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