Election Day May 5th 2011

I am up at 6 and straight into the shower. A quick porridge breakfast for AMR (my spouse), and a piece for fruit for me. The polling stations open at 7 and I needed to be there wearing my rosette to welcome everyone but especially my voters who have come out early to vote for me (I hope). I also like to greet the polling station staff – since like me they will have a long day and I like to keep them on my side in case of
later difficulties.

I was spelled at 7.30 and then went to the Hadleigh Chamber of Commerce breakfast and then to the Hadleigh South polling station to check on the arrangements for Kathryn Grandon.

Thus was the day run, greeting voters, grabbing a bite to eat and so on.

In the evening I popped into the Lamb for a quick bite and met a constituent (who is not a fan). Nevertheless we had a civilised half hour together and he bought me a drink. At 10 p.m. the polling
station closed. I saw the boxes being sealed and so I went home and to sleep the sleep on the just.

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