Bailiff Problems (4) Monday 16th May 2011

A very early start and on the road by seven. I arrive at my debtor’s house as she is getting the children ready for school.

I am booted and suited and settle down to wait for the bailiff. Whilst waiting I read through my notes on the bailiff’s powers. After a while the father arrives and we discuss desired outcomes and how we might get there. After some time the bailiff arrives. We meet him at the gate, introduce ourselves and explain how the day should end, so that we are all satisfied. After very good natured discussion we let him into the house and he conducts an assessment of the prospects for recovery through the seizure and sale of goods.

He concludes that there is no prospect of recovering the debt through seizure and sale and will report to Babergh accordingly. There will be no charges for the debtor. We discuss ways forward for the other debts owed and his advice and conclusions agree with our own.

The debtor’s next steps are to talk to the Benefits Officer at Babergh and to the Citizens’ Advice Bureau as to personal bankruptcy.

Overall a satisfactory morning and the outcomes achieved recognise the need to give moral and practical support to the more vulnerable members of our community.

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