Babergh District Council (2) Thursday 19th May 2011

The big day arrives. This is the first formal full Council meeting of the new session. We elect (appoint) the chairpersons of various committees and then do  the same for the committee and task group members. If everything has been done properly by the political leaders then the elections are a formality. I get to keep my places on the Overview & Scrutiny (Stewardship), Licensing & Appeals Committees and a place on the Information Management & Technology Group. I drop the appointment as a Babergh representative on the management committee of the Hadleigh High School Dual Use Leisure Centre and instead I am appointed a trustee of the South Suffolk Leisure Group which is to receive a  £2million new fully equipped building in Hadleigh.

I get the sole nomination to the University College Suffolk Foundation Board formerly occupied by Cllr Sue Wigglesworth.
Sue received a “from the floor” nomination. I expected a vote off but we are informed that the Board may no longer be meeting and that the decision should
be deferred until fuller details are to hand.

Now what kind of representative do we have, who doesn’t know whether the post she occupies still exists but if it does that she wants it.

It’s like watching a dog protecting a biscuit!

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