Royal Anglian Regiment Tuesday 21st June 2011

I receive a very nice letter (see pdf below) from the Assistant Regimental Secretary of the Royal Anglian Regiment acknowledging the donation raised by the raffle at the party Spring Get Together earlier in the month. The Royal Anglian Regiment is the Regiment of the ten Counties of East Anglia and the East Midlands and was the first Large Regiment of Infantry in the British Army. The Royal Anglian Regiment is a line infantry regiment. The 1st Battalion is currently in the mechanized infantry role, the 2nd Battalion in the light role and the 3rd Battalion is a Territorial Army Battalion. The 1st Battalion is also called the Vikings and are a very local regiment. The ‘Vikings’ went to Afghanistan in 2007 with the 12th Mechanised Brigade, as part of Operation Herrick. They assumed full responsibility for the north part of Helmand Province, in the south of Afghanistan. We are aware of acquaintances who have Viking relatives.

The Spring Get Together has been held for three years and each time the raffle proceeds have gone to the regiment.

Royal Anglian 110620

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