Like a Recurrent Stomach Bug

Last year, on behalf of a constituent, I approached the County Council to object to proposals for restricted parking at the end of Hadleigh’s Church Street which ends in a hammer head. The reason the hammerhead was unrestricted was apparently because the yellow paint would not adhere to the cobbles. Technology moves on and as the right sort of paint was available, the Town Council wants to impose waiting restrictions, even though the world and his wife were quite happy with the status quo.
The County Council listened to my pleadings and the restriction request was thrown out – a triumph for common sense and residents’ needs.
Today’s post brings the minutes of the Hadleigh Town Council Environment & General Purposes Committee on 8th September. This is a hard working committee and for the most part I respect the people who take part. The minutes contain the news that the Town Clerk provided the Committee with a photographic diary of the area taken over the summer months. It was recommended that this information be sent to Suffolk County Council with a request to reconsider double yellow lines in this area.
One says to oneself – have these people nothing better to do?
I shall alert the residents and in the meantime write to the County Council stressing the need to adhere to their previous decision which reflected the will of the people.

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