Babergh Development Framework (2)

On Monday I attended a briefing at Hadleigh Town Hall on the Babergh Development Framework. This was a key briefing and I was the only Hadleigh District Councilor present. I could only see one Town Councilor and Hadleigh’s man on the County Council was similarly missing, Doubtless they have attended other briefing sessions.

The good news for Hadleigh is that we are scheduled to have 250 new dwellings with employment land over the next twenty years. This is the equivalent of one and half “Lady Lane Persimmon” developments. For Babergh as a whole 2,500 homes are planned. There are also windfall completions which for the whole of Babergh have averaged 120 homes a year over the last five years. Windfall sites are those housing developments which have not been specifically identified as available or suitable and allocated in the planning process.  They will however count towards fulfillment of the 2,500 target. The new houses in Hadleigh are to be built towards the East (see map) – thus negating the idea that we must have a supermarket adjoining the town centre. Let’s hope the plan will allow for mixed retail/residential development, which was not the case for the  “Lady Lane Persimmon” development.

BDF District Map


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