Babergh Development Framework (4)

The Babergh Development Framework consultation document is 109 pages long and could replace Mogadon once it has passed the tests required our National Health Service. Around the table at Monday’s briefing meeting were a number of views – not surprising as people came from all over the district. A lady from East Bergholt (2007 population 1597) put forward the view that their village was large enough and did not need to be upgraded to a small town. The people from Thorpe Morieux (2005 population 257) wants development to encourage younger people into the village. A lady from Hintlesham (2005 population 580)explained that they were happy in having a village shop which did not sell newspapers or provide day to day groceries. They preferred newcomers to buy or build the upper value houses.

Hintlesham does have some social housing and a very nice village hall and social club. It also has a respected primary school and a pub (the George). I suppose the other reason for liking the village location is because it is easy to access (& egress).

As for Hadleigh I’m happy that the plan for us to double our 8,000 population over twenty years has been discarded as it would fundamentally change our character and severely stress our community.

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