Pylon policy in the dark

The National Grid are busy consulting and lobbying on  a new 400kV connection between Bramford substation in Suffolk and Twinstead Tee in Essex. The line is needed to connect a number of new power generators to the national electricity transmission network in East Anglia.

The Preferred Route runs for the most part alongside the existing 400kV overhead line. Let me declare an interest: the route passes to the east and south of Hadleigh and existing pylons are visible from my kitchen window.

There are still decisions to be made and the “Bury Not Blight” campaign now focuses on burying the cables and the associated costs.

At a recent forum meeting a county councillor was understood to ask “What happens in January?” The puzzled looks met with the following explanation “In January the County Council will be switching off the street lighting after midnight.” There was obviously no answer forthcoming.

I suppose the correct answer to the query should have been that during the day the underground cables would be used as the pylons would be visible. During the night  when they were not visible the National Grid would use the pylons.

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