À la recherche du temps perdu

For Proust it was the taste of a madeleine cake dipped in tea which inspired a nostalgic incident of involuntary memory. For me it is the aroma of mushy peas and chips in Norwich market which reminds me of boyhood holidays in East Anglia. Recently Hadleigh’s Friday fishmonger has been stocking Nile Perch steaks which with a Pernod Sauce instantly reminds me of the Mamba Point restaurant in Kampala. –Oh happy memories! (http://www.mamba-point.com/. But last week’s involuntary memory was brought about by a trip to Calais for Christmas shopping and a break with good friends of long standing. I handled the Eurotunnel travel arrangements (no cross channel voyages in December!) and Adrian sourced the hotel. Which is how we came to stay at the nuit d’ailleurs (http://www.nuit-dailleurs.com/modulosite2/accueil-chambres-hotes.htm). It is a small B&B in the heart of Calais with four themed rooms (the Pekin, the Bombay, the Agadir and the Phuket). Apart from my allergy to feather pillows it all went well. We stayed in the Bombay and our friends had the Pekin. We were the only visitors. The B&B is well rated. My involuntary memory was that it reminded me of the hotel in What’s New Pussy Cat. Our conclusion on the way home was that it was a nice place for married couples (before they were married).


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