Bye-Bye Increased Short Term Parking Charges

Today’s (13th Jan 2012) EADT reports that Babergh District Council’s strategy committee yesterday decided to take increased short-stay parking charges off the agenda – the move had been put forward as a way of helping the council to balance their books.
While the plans for increased short-stay car parking charges were scrapped, members agreed to increase council tax by 3.5% and charge an additional 50p per day in the long-stay car parks – taking the cost to £2. The increased Council Tax equates to 9p per week per household. This should produce an extra £80,000 in the Council’s tax base and let us protect services and front line staff.
All of which is a bland way of reflecting the pulling together of a group of like minded councillors and ensuring that their views prevailed. A number of people are quite happy with the result. I suspect that others are less than appreciative of Councillors sticking up for the tax payers and for their towns.  The full article can be found on

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