Hadleigh to the fore

I spend a lot of my time supporting constituents in their dealings with Babergh. So it is only right that I report Babergh’s willing responsiveness to correct matters which I think are out of order. Earlier this week I had an email from the Tourism & Arts Manager informing me (and others) of the web site http://www.thesuffolkguide.co.uk   which  complements Babergh’s  official tourism website www.southandheartofsuffolk.org.uk. When I clicked on the suffolkguide link I was horrified to see that Hadleigh was left off of the map. I was not backward in coming forward and pointed out the deficiencies to Babergh for onward continuation to Mark Scott the web site owner. I’m pleased to say that the home page map has been changed and Hadleigh is now visible at first sight. Alas all is still not well in the garden. The  towns’ and villages’ section lists the features of each. Regrettably Hadleigh get 105 words parading its charms, Lavenham has 200 words despite having fewer listed buildings than ourselves and Polstead (a  village with a total population of about 820) gets 157 words. So in terms of puff we are definitely poor relations. I have contacted Babergh so that I can be put in touch with Mark Scott and in the meantime I’ll ask the Town Council to suggest appropriate wording so that we are not  short-changed and Internet-abused.

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