Touched by Angels

I have just finished reading Touched by Angels written by Derek Jameson in 1988. Jameson began life as an illegitimate in Hackney (East London) in 1929, was educated at very basic schools and started work at the age of 14 (as many did) as a messenger in Fleet Street (Reuters).
He ultimately became editor and managing editor of many popular newspapers including the (now defunct) News of the World. In 1984 he lost a slander case against the BBC who referred to him as “an East End boy made bad”. The phrase was considered defamatory but also fair comment (and therefore) not actionable. Jameson was bankrupted with the  £75,000 total costs of the action.
The autobiography is summed up by Jameson’s own words: “It is really the story of a fight for survival. What makes Jameson run is not a desire to lie on the beach in Bermuda nor drive a Rolls. Rather to make people aware of my existence, to be considered as good as the next”
And that for the most part defines us all.

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