Police and Crime Commissioner

On Thursday we will be voting for Suffolk’s first Police and Crime Commissioner. I am supporting Tim Passmore. His manifesto is on http://www.votetimpassmore.co.uk/. I’ve known Tim for a number of years.
For him if elected it is about:
● Cutting Crime
● Holding the Police to account for an annual budget of £125 million
● Keeping taxes down – the only element of your council tax with no democratic link is the Police Precept – a very regressive situation In Suffolk the public sector (excluding defence) spends £5 billion per year. There is huge scope for savings and improving efficiency and it needs someone with the right experience and determination to push this agenda through.
He is standing as a Conservative because that is what he is but the needs of Suffolk will always come above any party stance.
Tim believes that we need to be:
● Safer:
● Delivering much greater visibility of front line policing
● Improving respect for law and order in society
● Having a greater focus on detection and conviction of criminals and
● Being more robust in our approaches to drug crime, repeat offenders, anti-social behaviour, problem families and domestic violence.
So if you are so minded on Thursday (or have a postal vote) please vote for Tim, he is a man worth backing and will give us the right balance between feet on the street and toys for boys!

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