Hadleigh Street Watch


With Glenn Abbassi
With Glenn Abbassi

I am a volunteer member of Hadleigh Street Watch. Our commitment is to walk the streets (patrol sounds too official) in pairs for at least two hours a month. Today I joined Glenn Abbassi on our first walk of the year. We just beat the rain and purposefully wandered from the War Memorial, up to Tower Mill Lane and a look at the new  Persimmon Estate by Lady Lane, then across to Malyon Road, Oxford Road, the new Morrison’s, a look at the Brett River and back onto the High Street.
Overall people at pleased to see us and occasionally stop whatever they are doing to take a break and fill us in with their activities.
Personally I find the opportunity to walk my town very beneficial. We even got to enjoy a coffee shop (called the Daily Grind tel: 01473 823267) on the Industrial Estate. The Daily Grind has been open for about three months and produces a very nice espresso and cappuccino.  It is an ideal place to stop off at when going to and from the recycling centre or any of the businesses on the Industrial Estate. The Daily Grind is open from Monday to Friday and as well as teas and coffees they also serve sandwiches, pastries, jacket potatoes, muffins, slices, cakes and cookies. They offer a take out service and will also provide buffets for meetings.
For more details of volunteering for Street Watch please contact the co-ordinator Verity Line (Verity.Line@suffolk.pnn.police.uk).

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