The Lion and Lamb

Lion and LambYesterday was one of those days which worked out well once you realised that it was not profitable to try to run up hill through the mud.
We needed to meet the offspring at Stansted arriving from Salzburg – but the Austrian wing de-icer was either over worked or on a go slow – so arrival time was definitely a moveable feast.
Rather than wait in the arrivals’ lounge clocking up parking fees faster than a pay day loan in default, we looked for somewhere to eat close to the airport which is when we discovered the Lion and the Lamb, situated on the B1256 at Little Canfield.
It is less than three miles from the airport – which translates as ten minutes on the road – so collectees can call you on the mobile and summon you from the pub.
The lunch was just what we needed, the house red quite palatable and the coffee was freshly ground.
We left the pub, parked at the airport and met our travellers as they emerged into the public area.
So all in all, instead of problems, the delay gave us the opportunity to enjoy a very nice Essex pub.

One thought on “The Lion and Lamb

  1. A win-win situation all round – March would be a good time to repeat – comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb!

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