Calais for Fun

We have just returned from a quick trip to Calais. This was the break we have been promising ourselves since May! It was just a quick overnight and was very relaxing.  One of the highlights was to visit the open air market at Place Crevecoeur. This is a lesser-known market open on a Thursday  and was a great market shopping experience.
The stallholders were very tolerant of my French.
I was reminded of the Damon Runyon character Harry the Horse. The is (I  recall) short for Harry the Horse Thief. He didn’t actually steal horses but he looked as though he might. This is an illustration of how he might have ended up had he left Broadway.I didn’t have the courage to ask for the dobbin burgers nor did I try the Bar Amnesia – perhaps you can’t have one without the other.
Amnesia Bar 130815 Harry the Horse

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