A Letter & £1.50

CoinsRobert Lindsay (the new Green member for South Cosford) proposed the following motion at the Babergh District Council meeting on Friday 26th September as follows:  “That a letter be sent to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government requesting that local authorities be given the power to introduce a levy of up to 8.5% of the rateable value on supermarkets or large retail outlets in their area with a rateable annual value not less than £500,000 and for the revenue to be retained by local authorities in order to be used to help improve their local communities.” It was seconded by (Conservative) Councillor Jenny Antill. It is nice to see conviction politicians crossing divides and supporting each other. Lindsay (unsuccessfully) fought Antill in 2013 for the position of County Councillor for Cosford. I could not support the motion. It is too woolly as to its effects on business (which ones will be affected – probably Tesco in Sudbury & Copdock and possibly Toys R Us) and it is seriously weak as to what “improve their local communities” means. Some people think it means supporting small shops in our High Streets but it could equally apply to street lighting or employing high cost temporary consultants to fill staffing gaps.
And then again there is the question of sending the letter.
Well, all a letter and £1.50 will get you is a cup of coffee.
The motion was shunted off to the Strategy Committee where it will take its turn to be researched and considered.

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