Crowdfunding for Frenk Mansor

There is a crowdfunding exercise for an orphan called Frenk Mansor
Blessing_genie_Dur_SharrukinFrenk is, a ten-year-old Christian boy who lost his parents last month (November) when the boat he was travelling in capsized in the waters between Turkey and Greece. Frenk fled from northern Iraq with his mother, father and little sister and brother when their hometown Qaraqosh (also known as Bakhdida) was overrun by IS fighters in August last year.
After a dangerous journey from Iraq, Frenk’s family arrived on the coast of Turkey where they boarded a boat on the night of 16 November to make the perilous crossing to the Greek island of Kos, in search of protection in Europe. Overloaded and amid high waves and strong winds the boat capsized. Frenk’s family drowned but somehow Frenk survived.
Frenk’s uncle Mark who lives in London, immediately flew to Greece when he learned of the tragedy and is working with the British Embassy in Athens to try to bring his nephew to the UK. Needless to say Frenk’s life has been shattered by the death of his parents and siblings. His uncle is doing everything he can but he could do with some help.
The crowdfunding is being sponsored by Nichola Elvy and she aims to:
Provide funds to meet Frenk’s basic needs – food, accommodation, transport – in Athens, Greece.
Assist Frenk with the difficult legal process that will enable his uncle to bring him to London.
Give presents, food and money so that Frenk can enjoy the best possible Christmas he can amid these terrible circumstances.
All the money will go to Frenk.
Nichola works during her holidays with a Dutch charity in Kos and will go to Lesbos on Boxing Day. Nichola meets her own travel, accommodation and jeep-hire expenses. The same goes for all the volunteers with the Boat Refugee Foundation (Stichting Bootvluchteling).
As well as much-needed immediate financial help, plans are being made for a long term support group for Frenk. When you see his photo you will see a rosary around his neck but Nichola makes it clear that she would be equally concerned for the child of a Moslem or an Atheist.
We have known Nichola and her family for over thirty years. On the basis that you direct your charitable monies towards people and organisations you trust, then the Elvy’s (and Frenk’s needs) come near the top of the list.
To help please go to

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