Setting the bar

Oreos 151231When it comes to ambition it is a mistake not to set the bar high enough. Yesterday I had a full 800 calories lunch and in the evening we went to Big Easydinner at the Big Easy (a Louisiana restaurant  – before going to a New Year’s Eve concert at the Meymandi  Concert Hall, part of the Duke Energy Centre for the Performing  Arts. Dinner of course was a tasty dish of shrimp and grits with a side of fries.
Roll on when I get on the scales and have a new bench mark to use for weight loss.
It could have been worse. The street was full of food trucks and two delicacies I eschewed were the deep fried Oreos and the deep fried Reese’s Pieces. Sometimes one can be just too virtuous.
Happy New Year to all my readers
Reeses Pieces 151231

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