And Bollards to You

The latest advice from Babergh District Council is that the Pinewood Parish precept has risen by 5%
Looking at the Pinewood Parish web site you would be hard pressed to know how much will be raised and what the money will be spent on.
The minutes for the Parish meeting on 24th January record that the pubic were excluded from the discussions on financial matters.
The minutes do show the Parish spending will rise to £173,781.
But, the public were denied details of the Parish’s priorities for spending…
So, we are all being treated like mushrooms: kept in the dark and unlikely to see the light until we are harvested.
Previously I have commented on the extravagance of the car park bollards.
Without the daylight of public scrutiny, more extravagances are on the horizon.
We need more transparency and accountability.
We need to know what they are spending our money on.
Without the disinfectant of public knowledge and scrutiny we are just maintaining a money-pit.

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