What is French for Walkies?

Rough_coat_Jack_Russell_terrier (2)I am indebted to today’s Sunday Times for the linked  article Allez Archie 151107 on Archie an Irish canine waif and stray who (only) responds to commands in French.
But, whilst the French have a specific word for dog doo (la crotte) the Collins’ Dictionary does not show an equivalent for “Walkies”.
The article poses more questions than it answers.
Are the staff polishing their Franglais skills by watching ‘Allo ‘Allo?
Is the dog calmed down by watching the antics of René Artois and other inhabitants of Nouvion in Northern France?
We, who have nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon, demand answers!
With the onset of Winter, little stories like this brighten the day.
À bientôt!