Atlanta Joys

I’ve just comBrian & Kate 150618e back from four days in Atlanta visiting my younger daughter Kate who is currently with CNN. As a special treat we did the CNN tour ( a sort of take your dad to work day!) and had the obligatory father daughter photo taken.
Atlanta is bustling – although there are still areas which need regeneration.
The enclosed photo’s give a flavour of my visit. The preponderance of Irish pubs is because one of my golden rules is that when in doubt you can always get a good meal in an Irish pub. Fado’s is also a good place to meet and hold meetings (half of Atlanta seems to be at business meetings in pubs, restaurants and cafés).
Atlanta’s Metro is efficient, regular and clean. The city is easy to get around in.
On the list for next time is the Australian Pie Shop!

Fado Atlanta 150617 b

Fado's Atlanta 150619
Meehans 150616Delirium 150616 No Caption Necessary
Desert Bus CNN 150618 a
The CNN Desert Bus