Smartphone Parking Payment Systems

Brighton ParkingThe Daily Mail reports that although Brighton Council has arranged lessons in local libraries to teach residents how to use the new smart phone parking payment system it does nothing to help out-of-town visitors.
Hence at least one visitor chooses to go elsewhere since if people need lessons in how to use a parking meter there is probably something wrong with the whole procedure.
Hadleigh has various car parking facilities,  one of which (off Bridge Street by Corks Lane) is available for public use but not posted as such. Another car park has a two tier system whereby even short stay users can stay free of charge in the long term parking provided an appropriate ticket is obtained and displayed. As least one senior councillor has purchased a long term ticket for a short term stay as he found the system confusing.
If Hadleigh had a simpler system would more people visit the town and would those who do visit have a happier experience.

The photo is taken from which contains some interesting views on Brighton’s parking issues.