Lorry Watch Friday 22nd JUly

For over twenty years there has been a weight restriction  on Benton Street. The restriction is for environmental reasons as there are many fine old buildings in the street (our own house, for example,  is late Georgian/early Victorian).
On Tuesday I was inducted to take part in a pilot scheme for Lorry Watch in Hadleigh. This is an initiative from Suffolk County Council Trading Standards Office following much work done by the Benton Street Squeeze ( see link http://www.bentonstreetsqueeze.co.uk/index.html) .
Since Tuesday I have been out and about every day but there seems to be a golden rule that whenever I have my camera at the ready  I can hang around for what seems hours waiting for a miscreant driver to come to my notice.Sometimes, however the mere presence of someone with a camera at a strategic junction can cause a driver to weigh up his chances and decided to take the long way round (see map and the proximity of Hadleigh to the A12).
But on Friday I may have got lucky. I managed to photograph a furniture van from Glasswells  making its way down the street. It may have been delivering to a resident (which is allowed) but then on the other hand it may have been making its way to the A12 to deliver to someone in thehinterland.
Doubtless the Trading Standards Office will get to the truth – meanwhile the word goes out that the Benton Street Irregulars are on duty.



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