Bailiff Issues 25th July 2011

I’ve been in touch and advising a constituent in Hadleigh South regarding his debtor relationship with Babergh & Ipswich District Councils. Today we have a four person meeting in Corks Lane with the Recovery Officers to see if we can move the issues forward.
Basically my “client” had two rental properties in Hadleigh & Ipswich which were repossessed by the building societies. This is acknowledged but it has proved very difficult to get the right paper work from the building societies, who are dragging their feet for reasons one cannot imagine. For my “client” any outstanding taxes up to the re-possession are the responsibility of the Official Receiver (for bankruptcy). After the repossession the responsibility for the taxes lies with the Building Societies.Meanwhile the Councils have my “client” as the person responsible for the taxes due to a lack of the proper papers in the proper places. My client insists that he has provided all papers necessary but has unfortunately not brought his files.  Nevertheless it is accepted that responsibility for the taxes has moved from him to the other entities and the officers provide my “client” with a definitive list of what is acceptable and from my client’s view what is available.Overall, from my point of view a successful forty minutes. The officers fully understand the position and can do their own checking. The client has a definite promise that if his papers are in order then he can be exited from the discussions. In the meantime all recovery operations (court appearances, bailiffs etc., are suspended). The client regards the day as successful because we can both see light at the end of the tunnel and he can be free of concerns in this area.

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