Babergh Core Strategy

This week saw Babergh District Council consider  its Core Strategy. In many ways it is an admirable document setting out how the District might develop over the next twenty years. However, deep within its detail are what could be considered serious threats to the Hadleigh’s well being. Kathryn Grandon moved an amendment to the approving resolution pointing out that the commercial area allocated on the map is in the wrong place. The commercial area should not have to share street space with residential areas. Residential streets should not be sharing space with diesel lorries accessing their places of business twenty four hours a day. An illustrative map indicated the possibility of an industrial corridor to the east of Hadleigh. This will become an eastern barrier to further development since no one will want to be separated from the town by a commercial area. The commercial area should not be alongside the residential area. Instead it should be on a site having easy access onto the A1071 (the town by-pass) Once again we have a community being led by the Council but not  in a way which will enhance its future prospects. The amendment went down by more than thirty votes to six. One of the Liberal Councillors for Hadleigh voted against the amendment citing the need for a decision to be made. The Core Strategy has now been approved and has been published to the Towns and Parishes for further consultation. Then it goes to the Planning Inspectorate for comments and approval. Meanwhile people similarly minded to Kathryn and myself are looking at how one influences the Planning Inspectorate – as Babergh does not appear to be listening.

One thought on “Babergh Core Strategy

  1. Although most of the Core Strategy document was pretty well aired through a series of meetings with Parish and Town Councils etc. these lately added, more detailed, footprints of the ‘new directions of growth’ were less comprehensively consulted on prior to publication. This particularly appears to be the case in Hadleigh. All is not lost however, since further consultation is now open, and if these maps don’t qualify as ‘changes’ I;m not sure what does.

    Speak up people of Hadleigh! Get behind the two Hadleigh District Councillors, Brian Riley and Kathryn Grandon, who care more about your interests than their own popularity and having a quiet life.

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