Away with the Pylons

I was reminded this week of The 4 Disciplines of Execution (by Stephen R. Covey) which  talks about prioritizing goals and achieving results with excellence The first of the four disciplines is to focus on the wildly important (goals).

Thursday saw me at Babergh’s Strategy Committee meeting where we were to discuss the Council’s position regarding the National Grid’s proposals for pylons across our countryside. One of the speakers (Michael Woods, Chairman of Layham Parish Council) reminded us that National Grid had described our landscape as “small and unremarkable” …”not particularly noted for its scenic qualities”. These are not opinions shared by the populace. The National Grid seems to regard our Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty as fenced off theme parks with some form of rural or urban dystopia outside their boundaries! The Committee was unanimous in resolving that each and every section of the line should be placed underground …(and) that in addition to requiring the new line to be placed beneath ground the emerging opportunities for undergrounding the existing lines through the Dedham Vale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and the Stour Valley should be exploited fully with the ambition of securing and maintaining a landscape free of high voltage electricity transmission pylons. Babergh will be working with Suffolk County Council and other district councils to present a unified response and approach to the issues.
A fantastic example of the Council plugging into the needs and wishes of the populace. Forward with the people!

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