The Fair Haired One

We have been in Paris for a week’s break. I decided one day to visit the church of St. Sulpice in Saint Germain des Prés. Overall the visit to St. Sulpice was not as fulfilling as I would have liked. I had been impressed by books recommending the Delacroix murals. It may have been that the paintings needed cleaning or that the lighting was inappropriate (it was a cloudy morning) or that I couldn’t stand back far enough to take in the mural of Jacob Wrestling with the Angel as a whole. St. Sulpice remarkably seemed to have found its pastoral role quite early and includes in its alumni St. John Baptist de la Salle (founder of the Christian Brothers) and St. Vincent de Paul. Surrounding shops are famous for containing religious medals and other devotional items (of varying quality). I declined to purchase an icon apparently showing St. Raphael. I thought it a bit so what-ish especially as this angel did not have wings nor did it show a dog. The morning was saved.  My footsteps were guided by a caring angel (possibly St. Raphael – the patron saint of travellers) to The Coolin (The Fair Haired One) – an Irish pub. The steak sandwich was cooked nicely rare.. The waitress was a young Irish lady  and the red wine eminently passable. My mood had mellowed by the time coffee was finished as can be seen by the photo of yours truly. Is this a vision of heaven? – Just look at the background!Overall I recommend the Coolin and it was quite well patronised by local people.

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