Hadleigh Local Shopping Loyalty Card

Hadleigh Loyalty CardWhilst many major companies are lawfully avoiding UK taxes, they are nevertheless depriving our Exchequer of the revenues needed to provide the services and building we need – and they are also attacking our own home grown business which find it difficult to compete against people who pay little or no tax. So it’s no more Starbucks for me. In future I’ll look for Costa (owned by Whitbread).
I’m going to try to give up Amazon and instead use our local bookshop The Idler.
Hadleigh has its own Local Shopping Loyalty Card. Collect a card and get it stamped ten times by local participating retailers (look for the window decals). Hand in the card when completed and participate in a monthly cash draw (£250 in December). If we do not support our local shops – then one day they will not be there.

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