This Moose Belongs to Me

Do childrenThis Moose Belongs to Me’s stories need a point? Can’t they just be quirky and entertaining? Chris Van Allsburg in the New York Times (in reviewing This Moose Belongs to Me) opines:
The illustrations in … are perfectly suited to the nonsensical story (told). The reinforce the comic sensibilities inherent in the material and established the absurd reality essential for the absurd texts that accompany them.
However, even as the book passes the test of making fun while still making a point, it is not clear exactly what those points are.
The review and summary are as follows:
“In “This Moose Belongs to Me,” Oliver Jeffers presents Wilfred, a young boy who owns a moose that simply “came to him a while ago and he knew, just knew that it was meant to be his.” The moose, whom he names Marcel, has a role that lies somewhere between imaginary friend and willful pet. Wilfred attempts to control Marcel by imposing a set of rules. Then, while on a long walk, Wilfred discovers his moose is actually named Rodrigo and belongs to an elderly blue-haired woman. The moose rejects the boy for the old woman, and Wilfred rushes home, “embarrassed and enraged.”
En route, he becomes tangled up and trapped in the woods, and after a cold and lonely night, Marcel rescues him. This precipitates a renewal of the boy/moose relationship, one in which following Wilfred’s rules will be strictly optional for Marcel. The book ends with a cautionary note for Wilfred, when yet another possible owner hails the moose as “Dominic.” “
We have bought the book to read to the six year old grandson. Whilst the points may be unclear, they are nevertheless multiple and entertaining. We liked the book and we hope that the grandchild does!

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