Tim Yeo MP

Yeo Tim 131130 aYesterday evening the Executive Council of the South Suffolk Conservative Association (SSCA) met and voted not to re-adopt Tim Yeo as our candidate for the 2015 general election.
Tim has represented the seat, which covers much of the Babergh district, for 30 years and is an effective and hard-working MP. He is a very good constituency M.P. and has never shrunk from offering his assistance to the people of Hadleigh when he has been approached with their problems.
At the last general election in 2010 he received 24,500 votes – a 47.75% share.
I am not a member of the Executive Council. I was consulted on deselection in mid September and made my views known.
Last week I wrote to Tim as follows:
“It was with joy that I read that the Committee on Standards had cleared you on all counts of any breach of the MP’s Code of Conduct.
I’ve had no problems in reminding my constituents and colleagues that you have always been of assistance not only to myself but also to anyone who has contacted you with problems”
This letter was read out last night – alas to little effect.
Tim’s reply to my letter is attached  Yeo T 131127 fm
It will be a sad day if we lose him as our M.P. We have eighteen months until the general election. That is far too short to select and embed a new candidate. Many of Tim’s 24,500 votes are personal and may not be easily transferred to the new person.
Meanwhile we have UKIP snapping at our heels and everyone else is make hay at our expense.
It’s time to support Tim. If you agree with the Executive Council then you need do nothing. If you think that Tim’s deselection is not a good idea, I suggest you email Toby Kramers, Chairman of the SSCA Executive Council. He can be emailed via Peter Burgoyne (the political agent) at peter@ss-ca.org.uk

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