In the Trough!

Pig in a bucket-WikicommonsGuido Fawkes writing in the Sun on Sunday highlights the perils of being in the public eye and making political statements. His focus was on Harriet Harman (deputy Leader of the Labour Party) who wore a  T-shirt bearing the message “This is What a feminist Looks Like” from the upmarket High Street chain Whistles.
This T-Shirt retails at £45 and the workers who produce the T-shirts are paid £0.62 per hour.  Even for Mauritius these wages rates are sub-optimal. Whistles also has the same design on a clutch bag at £55, a sweatshirt for £85 and an iPhone cover for £30.
Advertising like this by political leaders (including David Miliband and Nick Clegg) could not be bought.
Profits from the T-shirt sales were to go to the Fawcett Society. And to be fair the Fawcett Society were assured that the garments would be produced ethically here in the UK.
So what we have here are politicians making a point, retailing manufacturers enjoying pork on pig and an ethical society with egg on its face.
All in all a sad day for community involvement and a good day for cronyism and poor judgment.
As the saying goes – if you think education is expensive – try ignorance!

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