Paint Recycling

Recycling SymbolSome time ago I enquired of my Facebook friends if anyone knew of a paint recycling facility whereby partly filled (or partly emptied) paint tins were recycled back into the community either directly to a charity or through a third party who would accept and distribute the paint according to availability and needs.
So it was with some joy that I discovered that paint received at the Witchford, March, Milton, St Neots, Thriplow and Wisbech (all in Cambridgeshire) Recycling Centres  is collected for use by local charities, community groups, housing associations and individuals in social need.
This is so much more socially responsible that in Suffolk where only water based paint that has been dried out using dry sand/ soil/ cat litter will be accepted on site in the landfill bin. This drying method is only recommended for paint tins no more than quarter full. No oil based paint can be accepted on Suffolk’s sites.
For larger quantities of paint or paint that cannot be accepted on Suffolk sites,  residents  should contact their local borough/ district council who will collect these for a charge.
As for me, I’ll take advantage of my journeys up North to use the Cambridgeshire recycling facilities for my unused paint.

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