Council to Apologise

Forest of DeanThe Daily Mail reports that Forest of Dean District Council  has been forced to issue an apology for squandering taxpayers’
money. It accepted a motion criticising it for “scandalous waste” over the past eight years after Labour members forced through the vote, demanding an ‘unqualified apology’, when the ruling Conservatives were left short of numbers at a meeting this week.
Which just goes to show that eternal vigilance is the price of enjoying yourself whenever the right opportunity presents itself.
I am quite envious that I have never been in a position to pull off such a coup – although I do sometimes count up my friends at meetings just to see if any mischief might be supported.
Did I mention that my great grandfather was born in the Forest of Dean (and as such had the right to mine coal) – obviously the descendants of his malcontent friends carry on the practice of getting their kicks in whenever they can. But if you are in Ruardean don’t mention the Bears (see The Forest of Dean by Humphrey Phelps).

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